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You’ve just arrived at Les Marches. Relax and enjoy a good glass of wine !

Welcome to Les Marches, a true Parisian bistro, the one we all dream of. A peaceful place at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, hidden between the Seine and the museum of Modern Art, offering a quiet terrace and a traditional family cuisine , neat, simple and generous. Here, you won’t find any fake nostalgia made up for tourists but all it takes to have a good time with friends.

Authenticity is confirmed by the red and blue plate of the label "Les Routiers", an institution known by good food lovers for its halts scattered along the roads of France. As their motto says : "A stop at Les Routier is the guarantee of a good yet affordable meal !"

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A selection from our kitchen

"Subject to change according to season"
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Attica Restaurant Template

Hailed by road !

On the menu no pretending, only the pure bistro literature, irresistible chorus of unavoidable dishes of French families, authentic and tasty. All week, true to the reputation of the famous Routiers, Les Marches offers "the assurance of a good yet affordable meal" in the shadow of the Parisian Museum of Modern Art.

From formulas to daily specials, guests enjoy leeks and vinaigrette or dandelion salad with bacon, topped with a poached egg. That’s before hesitating between a traditional Coq au Vin or Pike quenelles and succumb to the lure of the Tatin Pie. Simple pleasures, without forgetting the casual and very affordable wine list, mottled on the roads of France.

But also welcomed by the press!

Gilles Pudlowski

Les Pieds dans le Plât

"Voilà un lieu simple comme bonjour, libre comme l'air, copain comme cochon, bref, que du bonheur simple au moindre coût. On en reparlera vite!"

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Maurice Beaudoin

Figaro Magazine

"À l'heure où les palaces affichent des menus à 400€, dîner pour 25€ en bord de Seine, dans le routier des beaux quartiers, c'est vraiment du dernier chic."

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Margaret Kemp

"First opened in the early 1900s, the brasserie – one of President Hollande’s favourite haunts – was recently acquired by brothers Jerôme and Stéphane Dumant experts at transforming authentic twentieth-century eateries into hip and happening"

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